Why You Need Dental X-rays

Digital Dental X-rays reduce exposure level of radiation up to 80%

Digital dental x-rays have significantly lower exposure levels, compared to traditional x-rays. That's good news for everyone! Digital x-rays also have superior image quality and the ability to control image contrast, allowing dentists for more precise diagnostics and reducing the amount of x-rays retakes.

Radiation exposure levels measured in a millisievert (mSv). During our dental exam you can expect 0.038 Msv from a Bitewing X-rays, and 0.150 from a full mouth PAN x-ray. It is hard to give those numbers any meaning without comparing it to other types of x-rays:

Chest X-ray - .080

Lowe Gastrointestinal track - 4.06

Radiation from space - 0.510 (a year)

Naturally occurring radiation - 3.00 (per year)