Scuba Divers & Dental Health

Scuba Diving Dental Problem At Times You Least Expect It


A recent pilot study done by Spears Education Dental Magazine raised a valid concern for all recreational scuba divers enthusiasts. How many of you experiencing or reported dental pain or discomfort during your dives due to jaw clenching or atmospheric pressure underwater?

University at Buffalo - School Of Dental Medicine, conducted a recent study of 100 online participants in their dental study.  The goal of the study was to see if scuba divers experience any dental pains or discomfort during a dive.

It was interesting to see the following results:

41 percent of all participants suffer some dental symptoms

42 percent experienced Barodontalgia - also commonly known as tooth squeeze - is a pain in the tooth from changed in ambient pressure

24 percent described dental pain from holding regulator too tightly

21 percent of jaw pain

5 percent reported loosened crown

1 percent reported loose dental filling

Scuba dentist exam?

We have several of our friends, who are scuba divers and we are asking you guys if you had experienced any of the above symptoms during your diving trips? Have you had any dental pain, fractured tooth or a broken filling? Have you experienced any dental symptoms or a tooth squeeze halfway through your dive?

The article brings up an essential point that there is no requirement to have a dental exam or any dental health prerequisites before obtaining your licence for scuba diving?  It's up to each certified diver to stay on top of routine dental check-ups and stay on top of your oral health prior to your next diving adventure. What is also important to know that this information should be available to diving instructors, so they can teach future recreational divers to avoid being surprised underwater at the time you least expect it.

Avoid tooth pain when you scuba diving

There is a reason behind it, if you have some outstanding dental work and keep leaving to deal with it for when you coming back after the vacation or did not know you had a cracked or damaged tooth, there is a good chance you will discover it when you under water. I don't know about you, but it feels like the wrong time to me to regret skipped dental appointment when you 100 feet underwater. 

The dental research team at Buffalo University is in the process of conducting a more thorough follow up study with 1000 participants to see if those numbers can reflect more conclusive data. The British Dental Journal also published this study. 

If you booked your trip and going for a dive in the near future, stop by our Burlington dentist office at Lakefront Family Dental, located at 2128 Old Lakeshore Rd, Burlington, Ontario. We will make sure you do not come across unexpected dental pain, especially for those travellers that do not visit the dentist regularly. 

Good luck, be safe & courteous to our planet while you dive.  Make sure you have tons of fun.


Lakefront Family Dental Team