We believe in full transparency when it comes to the cost of your dental procedures

Our process of determining your required treatment


To find out and determine the treatment you require, we will need to see your recent x-rays. We have digital x-rays in our state of the art dental office to significantly reduce exposure compared to traditional x-rays.


When our dentist meets you for the first time for a new patient exam (prices as per Ontario Fee Guide), she will complete a comprehensive dental examination of your teeth, gums and soft tissue. Our caring dentist also checks your jaw bones, TMJ joints and completes an oral cancer screening. After the exam, you will get a through, easy to understand explanation of what state your mouth is in and what work, if any, needs to be done. This complete new patient exam is comparable to a full physical exam by your family doctor.


We use safe, digital imaging technology to help you understand and see for yourself what treatment plan is required and why. This way, we can develop a realistic and appropriate plan for you.


At Lakefront Family Dental, we offer a wide range of dental services. We offer Invisalign clear aligners - to correct your bite, dental implants - to replace your missing tooth or teeth, root canal treatment - all done in our dentist office. Sometimes, we have to refer our patients to, and we can walk you through this process and do all required follow-ups.


After the above process, including your priorities and what is needed, our team will be able to develop an appropriate treatment plan to fit your budget best. We will provide a full breakdown of all the cost associated with your treatment. After all, you should know and understand your treatment and why you need it. We believe in full transparency.


If you have dental insurance, we will do our best to submit your claim electronically. Sometimes insurance companies require a dental office to send a predetermination to confirm your dental coverage and provide you with information with how much your treatment will be covered. If you do not have dental insurance, we have several convenient payment options for you.

How are dental fees determined?

Dentists are medical professionals that are obligated to adhere to strict sterilization standards and requirements designed to ensure the highest level of patient care. Dentists in Canada are private entities and are responsible for all the costs of operating their dental office.

Each dentist required to have specialized dental equipment, sterilization and safety protocols. Dentists are also responsible for hiring a licensed staff, complete and provide ongoing continuing education for the dental team, practice location and other expenses associated with the cost of delivering uncompromised dental care.

Dentists have to consider all factors when setting their practice fees. Operating costs vary in different provinces as well as between various dental offices.

Lakefront Family Dental follows 2019 Ontario suggested fee guide and other factors to help determine the cost of dental procedures.

The cost of procedures vary and will be discussed with you before any work begins.

Dr. Zemskova will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan which will depend on your unique oral health habits and your immediate needs.


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How much is cosmetic dentistry?

Are you considering an ultimate smile makeover? Would like to know how much to budget for your treatment costs? Would like to know how your dental insurance can offset your investment in yourself?

The truth is that there is no way of telling or cost estimating your cosmetic dentistry cost upfront. The reason behind it is that each person's proposed treatment will be different and so as the price. You may not know what treatment options exist for your case, how much the laboratory fees are for your custom case and so forth.

The best way to find out the exact price for your cosmetic dentistry is to schedule your No obligation consultation. During that consultation, you can discuss all available options with your dentists before proceeding with your treatment.

We believe in doing what is best for our patients!

We work with Desjardins Financial Services and offer several plan options, including 0% INTEREST FINANCING  

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Dental Insurance

We Bill Your Insurance Directly!

We accept dental insurance and we make the process of paying for your dental procedures easy.

When possible, we submit your claims electronically. In order for us to understand your specific plan, please bring your insurance benefits information with you for your first appointment. We will help you understand your coverage. 

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How can I minimize the cost of dental care?

Best way to avoid expensive dental procedures is prevention. Preventative Dentistry is about maintaining your dental health. It means regular visits to see a hygienist for your teeth cleaning and polishing, and while you are getting your teeth cleaned - once a year, a dentist will conduct, what's called a recall exam.

During the recall exam our dentist checks for cavities, conditions of your teeth and gums, oral cancer screening and reviews digital x-rays for hidden dental issues, like a potential root canal or other required dental treatment.

It is essential to diagnose problems before they become major dental problems, costing more as a result.

The cost of prevention is always less than the price of neglected treatment recommendations.

What can you do at home to take care of your dental health?

Practice good dental habits daily at home: brush your teeth at least twice a day for at least two(2) minutes. Flossing is another habit that you should master. Food stuck between teeth cannot be removed by brushing and as a result, if you skip flossing you missing at least two(2) surfaces of each of your tooth. Check out our blog to get some tips of proper flossing and brushing.