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frequently asked questions About Cost of Dentistry

One of the most common questions we receive from our new patients is inquiry about the cost of cosmetic dentistry. 

It is not that simple to give exact price or one number  as each patient is unique and many contributing factors come into play when cost of dentistry is discussed with our team at Lakefront Family Dental.

Your oral health habits, oral history, previous trauma all can make dentistry cheaper or more expensive. Regular dental visits save you money, because regular check ups detect any gum deceases or early stages of decay in teeth as soon as they start. So you never face with more expensive procedures. We get excited when we see people take a good care of their teeth and try to safe their own natural teeth. 

Tip: Want to Safe Money? Regular Dental Check Ups is The Best Way  To Avoid Expensive Dental Treatments.

Tip: Want to Safe Money? Regular Dental Check Ups is The Best Way  To Avoid Expensive Dental Treatments.

Regular dental check up keeps your mouth clean of plaque and tartar build up, and that is good for your teeth. Learn more about Gum Disease and how to avoid it by clicking here.  

One Tip when it comes to saving money - Don't skip your regular cleaning and you will save your money, by avoiding big and expensive procedures as small problems will be detected early enough by your dentist with regular hygiene check ups and cleaning. No wonder it's called preventive dentistry.

Question how much will it cost me to see a dentist can be compared to cost of a red car. You would have to know what year and model at the very least before narrowing  down to what red car you can afford.  Same goes for cosmetic dentistry cost and the rest of  the dentistry.  Our caring Dentist will carefully select proper oral health plan or treatment options suitable for you and you only.

We believe in doing only what is the best for our family patients!

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We work with Desjardins Financial Services and offer several plan options, including0% INTEREST FINANCING

to help you pay for your dental services you need today, no need to wait any longer.  Just Ask Us how we can help you.

More About Dentistry Costs

Dr. Alexandra Zemskova will access individual patient's history,  previous visits to dentists, availability of x-rays, preventive and regular oral health of the patient before knowing the final cost. Think of it this way, dentist is just like a regular doctor needs some diagnostic tools. Most of the time, dentist can not complete full and thorough examination without having X-rays and Complete Examination to insure best care is provided to our patient.

Once examination is complete we will not just tell you, but also show you videos explaning each procedure. Let us assure you that only required dental procedures will be done at Lakefront Family Dental.

We uphold our high standards in family and cosmetic dentistry profession and oral health of our patient always comes first.

Do you part and visit our office regularly for routine check ups to ensure your teeth and your smile stay healthy.

If you still have questions about specific cosmetic dentistry cost procedure call us and we will be happy to give you our price or even better stop by our office for your consultation with Dr. Zemskova and our team.

We Bill Your Insurance Directly! One Less Excuse To Avoid Seeing Your Dentist Regularly!
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Dental Insurances

At Lakefront Family Dental we accept extended coverage insurances and we make process of paying for your dental procedures easier then ever.

We submit your claims electronically, avoiding you the hassle of sending in forms. Keep in mind that each insurance company offers different coverage and not all insurance plans cover 100 % of all procedures.  Please let us check for you and explain what is covered.

The remaining balance that is not covered by insurance is up to individual patient to pay at the end of each appointment. Ask Us about No Interest Financial.

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