Dentistry Cost


The cost of all procedures will be discussed with you in our business office before any procedures completed. We also help our patients with payments plans including no interest financing plans through our Desjardins financial partners. We will help you along the way, no need to worry.


The price of your dental visit varies greatly depending on the needs for your visit. 

When patient comes in for a visit either as an emergency or a New Patient exam, our dentist carefully reviews digital X-rays to assist with proper dental diagnosis. 

Dr. Zemskova will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan which will depend on your unique oral health habits, your immediate needs, as well as desired aesthetic appearances. 

Regular dental re-care visits prevent you from pain and expensive dental procedures 

Regular dental re-care visits prevent you from pain and expensive dental procedures 

Most importantly, Dr. Zemskova will sit down with you and explain required procedures, will show you on our screen your X-rays and digital pictures of your tooth, so you can understand what procedures needs to be done and why.

We get excited when we see people take a good care of their teeth and strive to safe their natural teeth. 

No wonder it's called preventive dentistry

Regular dental check up keeps your mouth clean of plaque and tartar build up, and that is good for your teeth. Learn more about Gum Disease and how to avoid it by clicking here.  

We believe in doing only what is the best for our family patients!

We work with Desjardins Financial Services and offer several plan options, including 0% INTEREST FINANCING

to help you pay for your dental services you need today, no need to wait any longer. 

no interest financing dentist

We uphold our high standards in family and cosmetic dentistry profession and oral health of our patient always comes first.

Do you part and don't skip your routine check ups to ensure your teeth and your smile stay healthy.

We Bill Your Insurance Directly!

Dental Insurances

We accept extended coverage insurances and we make process of paying for your dental procedures easier then ever.

We submit your claims electronically, avoiding you the hassle of sending in forms. 

There are approximately 55,000 different insurance plans in Canada, so in order to help us understand your specific plan, please bring your Insurance Benefits coverage brochure, so we can expedite your first visit. We will help you understand your dental benefits.

Co-payment of your dental benefits is individual patient responsibility at the end of each appointment.

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