Lakefront Family Dental

Our office is located at 2128 Old Lakeshore Road, Burlington, Ontario. The office is a charming house, originally built in 1945, which we’ve modernized, renovated and turned into a state of the art Dental office.

From your dental chair, you will enjoy all the beauty Lake Ontario has to offer providing a relaxing dental experience


Our Digital X-rays greatly reduce your exposure compared to traditional X-rays

Our Digital Panoramic X-rays enhance our ability to diagnose:

  • Oral cancer

  • Advanced periodontal diseases

  • Jaw tumors

  • Cysts in the jaw bones

  • Impacted teeth including wisdom teeth

  • Various jaw disorders (temporomandibular or TMJ disorders)

  • Tooth positioning

  • Bone abnormalities and more

FREE Parking

At Lakefront Family Dental parking is FREE

905 - 635 - 1100

Payment Options

We accept insurance plans, cash/debit, Visa, Master Card and E-transfer.

 We offer NO INTEREST financing for qualified patients.