Preventive Oral Hygiene

At Lakefront Family Dental we believe that most dental problems can be prevented with comprehensive regular check ups. While dental problems such as cavities may seem minor at first, they can worsen over time and cause larger health issues. Oral health is linked to overall health, which further signifies the importance of good dental care.

Importance of Preventive Dentistry

Oral Health tips

  • You can keep your teeth healthy by brushing and flossing everyday

  • You can also get fluoride treatments to help strengthen teeth and prevent decay

  • Smoking can result in tooth discoloration and plaque buildup. Smoking may cause tooth loss, gum disease, and even oral cancer

  • A balanced diet with minimal sugar is also advised, as sugar feeds the bacteria that results in dental plaque

  • If you have teeth grinding issues or play sports, mouth guards should be considered to protect your teeth


Cavities and other dental issues, such as gum disease, can hinder your day-to-day routine due to the impact it can have on eating and speaking. An unhealthy mouth, such as one with severe decay, has been known to negatively affect the growth and development of a child. To keep your overall health in check and promote healthy development, preventive dentistry is vital. 

Proper Brushing

Proper Flossing