White - Porcelain Fillings

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Porcelain materials are the most common type of dental ceramic used by dentists. We utilize most advance materials at Lakefront Family Dental and use top dental laboratory to provide our patients with only the best that Cosmetic Dentistry offers. We use Porcelain materials that are hard and brittle. In certain cases Porcelain and metal can be combined to make a stronger, tooth-coloured crown. Unless you have a bad tooth-grinding habit or some other problem, a combination of porcelain and metal can be used anywhere in the mouth.

Dental porcelain is made in a dental lab. Not all labs are the same and it is one of the hidden and unknown detail in dentistry for patients. Some offices cut corners and use cheaper labs resulting in diminished quality of your crowns, bridges & veneers. We partnered with laboratory that is unique in Canada and our lab offers most advanced equipment to date, bringing brighter smiles to people like you.


Porcelain Fillings PROs and cons



Dental porcelain is the same colour as natural teeth. We do custom matching to make your smile look natural at Lakefront Family Dental.

These fillings last a long time.


For teeth that bite down hard - like molars - ceramics are not a good choice. Fillings can break.

They are indirect fillings, so at least two appointments will be needed.

They cost more than most other types of fillings. - CDA