Teeth Extraction

Dental Extractions, Reasons & your Options after extraction

Teeth Extraction is a common procedure in family & cosmetic dentistry. Some people may assume that you need strength in order to conduct this dental procedure. In reality, most extractions can be done easily using proper technique and tools in order to remove loose or damaged teeth. 

Extraction is performed for positional, structural, or economic reasons.

Lakefront Family Dental extractions

It is in everyone interest to keep your healthy teeth as long as possible, but sometimes teeth extraction procedure is the only option - however once the bad tooth removed, other option exist to fix the gap in it's place.

Teeth are often removed because they are impacted. Teeth become impacted when they are prevented from growing into their normal position in the mouth by gum tissue, bone, or other teeth. Impaction is a common reason for the extraction of wisdom teeth. Extraction is the only known method that will prevent further problems.

Teeth may also be extracted to make more room in the mouth prior to straightening the remaining teeth, or because they are so badly positioned that straightening is impossible. Dental Extraction may be used to remove teeth that are so badly decayed or broken that they cannot be restored. In addition, patients sometimes choose extraction as a less expensive alternative to filling or placing a crown on a severely decayed tooth.

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