Tooth Extraction After Care Treatment


Post- op tooth extraction instructions

Avoid mouth suction for 48 hours.  That means no rinsing or spitting, no drinking through straws or smoking.  Any of these can cause suction and pull the blood clot out of the socket that is healing.  If the socket is disrupted during the healing process, dry socket can occur and be very painful process.  We strongly recommend that if you are a smoker try to abstain for the next couple of days.

Keep brushing your teeth normally, but DO NOT spit at the end of your brushing and instead lean over the sink and add water to your toothbrush to allow the water to just fall out of your mouth.  Again, do not spit!   

There may be stitches in your mouth.  They are self dissolving stitches and will come out on their own; don't disturb them or healing may take longer to heal. 

We suggest that you stick to a soft food diet over the next few days.  Nothing too hot, spicy, or sharp, such as chips.

Examples of soft foods: mashed potatoes, yogurt, apple sauce, ice cream, jello, pudding, soup. Avoid rice, there can be little bits that are hard to fully chew and may get lodged inside the socket.  

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call our office.