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Blend, Repair, Renew with Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are a popular and versatile dental treatment used to restore teeth that have been damaged by decay, fractures, or wear. These fillings are made of a tooth-colored composite resin material that blends seamlessly with the natural color of your teeth, providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution.

What are Composite Fillings?

Composite fillings, also known as tooth-colored fillings, are a type of dental restoration that is used to repair teeth affected by cavities or minor damage. Unlike traditional amalgam (silver) fillings, composite fillings are made of a mixture of fine glass particles and a resin material. This composite material can be precisely matched to the shade of your existing teeth, making the filling virtually indistinguishable.

How Do Composite Fillings Work?

The process of placing a composite filling begins with the removal of any decayed or damaged tooth structure. The affected area is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the filling. The composite resin material is then applied in layers, carefully shaped to recreate the natural contours of the tooth. A special curing light is used to harden each layer of the composite material. Once the filling is in place, Dr. Zemskova will make any necessary adjustments to ensure a comfortable bite and a seamless fit with your surrounding teeth.

Composite fillings provide excellent durability and can withstand normal chewing forces. They also bond directly to the tooth structure, which helps to strengthen and support the remaining tooth. The result is a restored tooth that looks and functions naturally.

Benefits of
Composite Fillings

Frequently Asked Questions

Are composite fillings noticeable?

No, composite fillings are tooth-colored and can be matched to the shade of your natural teeth. They blend in seamlessly, making them virtually invisible and enhancing the overall appearance of your smile.

How long do composite fillings last?

The lifespan of composite fillings can vary depending on factors such as the size and location of the filling, your oral hygiene practices, and your eating habits. With proper care and regular dental check-ups, composite fillings can last for several years or even longer.

Are composite fillings safe?

Yes, composite fillings are considered safe. They are made of a resin material that does not contain any mercury, unlike amalgam fillings. The materials used in composite fillings have been extensively tested and approved for dental use.

Do composite fillings require special care?

Composite fillings do not require any special care beyond maintaining good oral hygiene practices. It is important to brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss daily, and visit your dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings. Avoiding habits such as chewing on hard objects or grinding your teeth can also help prolong the lifespan of the fillings.
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