Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Burlington, Ontario

Dr. Alexandra Zemskova, DDS
Hey there! I’m your local dentist in Burlington, Ontario, and I’m thrilled to share my dental journey with you. Back in 2004, I kicked off my dental adventure at the City University of New York, diving into Biology. By 2008, I had a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with Honours under my belt.
Fast forward to 2012, I proudly graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the University of Buffalo. During my time there, I snagged a few awards for doing what I love.
My thirst for learning led me to a year-long Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency at the University of Buffalo. After that, I landed in Burlington and joined the crew at Axis Dental Group as an associate dentist. The entrepreneurial bug bit me in 2016, and I took a leap to start my own dental practice. Let me tell you, it was quite the ride, but totally worth it!
Life got even more exciting in 2020. Despite the global pandemic, I welcomed my sweet daughter into the world. Plus, I made the bold move to leave Axis Dental and run my clinic full time with my husband by my side. Dentistry isn’t just a job for me – it’s a passion. I’m always upping my game through continuous education. Aesthetic and implant dentistry have a special place in my heart. In 2021, I completed a one-year implant residency at the University of Toronto, and I’m currently working on my fellowship in implant dentistry.
I’m part of the Spear Education Program, which keeps me updated on the latest in esthetic and restorative dentistry. I’m also proud to be a member of the Royal Canadian College of Dentistry and the Ontario Dental Association. Let’s journey together towards healthier smiles!
Dr. Gokhan Shevket, DDS
Meet Dr. Gokhan Shevket, our associate specializing in wisdom teeth extractions. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario Dental School (DDS, 2006), Dr. Shevket also holds a specialist degree in Biology, and major degrees in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Toronto (1997-2002).
His career in dentistry began with his selection into the Dental Officer Training Program (DOTP) through the Canadian Forces in 2003. Serving as a military dentist for 7.5 years, Dr. Shevket received extensive training in various dental surgical programs, retiring with the rank of Captain in 2010.
Though a general practitioner, Dr. Shevket’s extensive training and experience allow him to provide specialty services at regular rates. He is credentialed for various sedation methods, including oral, nitrous, combinations thereof, and intravenous (IV) sedation.
Joining us on a periodic basis, Dr. Shevket’s unique expertise adds significant value to our clinic, reflecting our commitment to offering comprehensive dental care to our community.
Yev, Office Manager
Meet the heart and soul of Lakefront Family Dental in Burlington, the incomparable Yev. A visionary leader, relentless problem-solver, and our trusted office manager, Yev masterfully wears the hats of owner, CEO, and manager, orchestrating a symphony of tasks that keep our clinic running seamlessly.
Yev’s dedication to service is not new; he served as a police officer for over 10 years before joining forces with me, his wife, and the dentist of our clinic. That experience has instilled in him an unwavering commitment to excellence and community care that permeates everything he does.
Behind the scenes, Yev’s prowess touches every facet of our operation. From crafting our digital footprint on social media to ensuring flawless patient and insurance communication, his expertise weaves through our paperwork, computers, advertising, and website. When a challenge arises or technology falters, Yev is our go-to guru, always ready with solutions that keep us moving forward.
But Yev’s impact goes beyond the professional. As my partner in both business and life, he complements my perspective, enhancing our family dental office’s vision. Together, we’ve created a harmonious workspace where toes never tangle, ideas thrive, and smiles are in abundance.
Fluent in English and Russian, Yev’s linguistic abilities expand our connection to the community we serve. When the office lights dim, Yev shifts gears to his favourite roles: devoted husband and loving father to our daughter, Victoria, and our loyal sheppard-lab mix, Mira. Whether we’re traversing the globe, carving through snowy ski slopes, or exploring Burlington’s breathtaking trails, our family’s shared passion for adventure reflects the vibrant lifestyle that our beautiful city affords.
Join us at Lakefront Family Dental, where Yev’s dynamic leadership, rich background, and warm spirit are at the core of everything we do. With him at the helm, we’re not just treating teeth; we’re building connections, one smile at a time.
Marta, Treatment Coordinator
Welcome to the smiling face that greets you at Lakefront Family Dental: Marta, our extraordinary patient/treatment coordinator and assistant manager. She’s more than the first person you meet before settling into the treatment chair; she’s the compassionate soul who ensures your journey with us begins with warmth and understanding. Marta’s office is where connections are made. With a genuine love for getting to know our patients, she invites you and your family into her space for a relaxed conversation. This initial meeting is your opportunity to share dental concerns and needs, explore benefits, and ask any questions about upcoming or future appointments. Marta’s open and friendly approach makes this process as comforting as a chat with a long-time friend.
Her passion for what she does radiates the moment you meet her. Marta’s natural gift with people turns every interaction into a delightful experience. Whether you’re new to our practice or a returning patient, Marta’s enthusiasm for helping others shines brightly.
But her talents don’t stop there. Marta is our insurance specialist and the wizard behind the scenes who handles all aspects of billing, benefits, scheduling, and more. There’s truly nothing Marta can’t do, and it’s with immense pride that I refer to her as my right-hand woman.
Fluent in both English and Portuguese, Marta’s linguistic skills further enhance her ability to connect with our diverse community.
Join us at Lakefront Family Dental, where Marta’s vibrant personality and exceptional expertise await. She’s not just part of our team; she’s a cornerstone of our commitment to personalized, compassionate dental care. With Marta by your side, you’re not just a patient; you’re part of our dental family.
Andreida, Office Admin
Meet Andreida, the joyful beacon of Lakefront Family Dental. From the moment you dial our number to the instant you step into our office, her friendly voice and welcoming presence set the tone for a dental experience that feels like coming home.
Andreida is more than our front office administrator; she’s the delightful first impression of our practice. Her positivity is infectious, and her genuine desire to know every patient transforms routine appointments into cherished connections. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a long-standing member of our dental family, Andreida’s mission is to make every visit flawless.
Her adaptability and quick learning are matched only by her love for people, animals, cooking, and exploring new places. These passions infuse her work with a unique blend of care and curiosity, ensuring that our office feels vibrant and full of life.
Fluent in Spanish, Andreida expands our ability to connect with our diverse community, always ready to assist with any questions or needs related to your dental visit.
Come join us at Lakefront Family Dental, where Andreida’s warm smile and heartfelt dedication await. With her at the helm of our front office, you’re not just stepping into a dental practice; you’re entering a place where you’re known, valued, and treated with the kind of personalized attention that makes every visit something special.
Gabriela, Dental Assistant
Introducing Gabriella, a dazzling force of energy and compassion at Lakefront Family Dental. As one of our remarkable dental assistants, Gabriella’s commitment to patient comfort isn’t just a priority; it’s her calling. Her extraordinary talent has a way of dispelling fears and turning even the most apprehensive into the unafraid. With a touch that’s both skilled and gentle, Gabriella ensures that every visit is not just an appointment but an experience of care and understanding.
But it’s Gabriella’s laughter that truly defines her. It echoes through our halls, spreading joy and brightening rooms. Her smiles are more than expressions; they’re invitations to join in her passion for dentistry and her love for helping people. Her magnetic energy is infectious, making every interaction a delightful encounter.
Always ready with a joke and driven by a boundless enthusiasm for her work, Gabriella turns every dental visit into a moment of connection and comfort. Her ability to speak both English and Spanish further amplifies her reach, allowing her to connect with a diverse array of patients.
Join us at Lakefront Family Dental, where Gabriella’s vibrant personality and exceptional skills await. With her at your side, you’re not just receiving dental care; you’re enjoying a journey filled with laughter, warmth, and unparalleled professionalism.

Alla, Dental Assistant

Meet Alla, a cornerstone of compassion and expertise at Lakefront Family Dental. As one of our esteemed dental assistants, Alla’s extensive experience in the dental field isn’t just a testament to her skills; it’s a reflection of her genuine dedication to those she serves.
Her love for working with people is palpable, and it’s her calming demeanor that turns what might be a routine dental visit into a soothing experience. Alla’s presence is like a gentle breeze, reassuring and gentle, making every appointment feel relaxed and effortless.
But there’s more to Alla than her professional acumen. Her heart is as large as her smile, filled with love for her family. Alla cherishes time spent with her husband, children, and grandchildren, and her passion for travel often takes her to new and exciting places.
Fluent in English, Moldovian, and Russian, Alla’s linguistic abilities enhance her connection with our diverse community, allowing her to engage with patients on a deeper level.
Join us at Lakefront Family Dental and discover the grace and warmth of Alla’s care. With her at your side, you’re not merely a patient; you’re part of our extended dental family, embraced by Alla’s kindness and exceptional skill.
Nancy, Hygienist
Welcome to the world of dazzling smiles, brought to you by Nancy, our superstar hygienist at Lakefront Family Dental! Nancy’s blend of professional prowess and compassionate care turns every hygiene visit into an experience that’s not only pain-free but downright enjoyable.
Nancy’s role goes beyond cleaning teeth; she’s your personal guide to impeccable oral health. Her dedication ensures that you not only leave with a sparkling smile but also with the knowledge to maintain it. Whether you have questions about home care techniques or the best dental products tailored to your unique needs, Nancy’s wisdom is just a conversation away.
But what truly sets Nancy apart is her personal touch. She’s not just a hygienist; she’s a partner in your journey towards optimal dental well-being. Nancy’s attentive approach makes her more than a healthcare provider; she’s a friend who genuinely cares about your smile.
Located in Burlington, our dental office awaits your call to schedule your next hygiene visit with Nancy. Embrace the opportunity to experience dental care that feels more like a treat than a treatment.
Fluent in both English and Portuguese, Nancy’s linguistic skills further enhance her ability to connect, ensuring that every patient feels comfortable, understood, and valued.
Join us at Lakefront Family Dental and let Nancy’s extraordinary care transform your dental experience. With her by your side, your smile won’t just be beautiful; it’ll be a testament to her excellence.
Trupti Patel, Hygienist
Embark on a journey of superior oral health and wellness guided by the expertise of Trupti Patel, an accomplished Dental Care Professional with an impressive odyssey spanning over 25 years in the field of Dentistry. Trupti’s passion and commitment to enhancing smiles have earned her the distinction of a Registered Dental Hygienist accredited by the CDHO.
Graduating in 2000 from the esteemed George Brown College in Toronto, Trupti’s education forms the bedrock of her exceptional skills. But her dedication doesn’t end there – she extends her wealth of knowledge as a Dental Hygiene Clinical Instructor at an Accredited Canadian Dental Hygiene College. Furthermore, Trupti holds the esteemed designation of an Authorized Self-Initiated RDH in Ontario, attesting to her autonomy and advanced proficiency.
Guided by the philosophy of putting clients at the heart of her practice, Trupti exudes values of trust and commitment. Her holistic approach to oral health mirrors her own life philosophy, reflected in her gentle yet skillful techniques. Working in tandem with her clients, she aspires to the pinnacle of dental hygiene care and wellness, all the while adhering to the gold standard in the field.
With Trupti Patel as your dedicated hygienist, you’re not just getting a professional – you’re embracing a partner who shares your journey towards optimal oral health. Join hands with Trupti and experience a new dimension of dental care that’s rooted in expertise, trust, and a genuine commitment to your well-being.
At our cutting-edge dental office, we redefine excellence by merging contemporary sophistication with timeless values. Our mission is to curate an unparalleled experience, surpassing all conventional dental practices. Pioneered by expert clinicians and fueled by a passion for innovation, we are dedicated to eradicating dental anxiety by introducing an atmosphere where laughter resonates louder than the hum of the dental drill. Our existence is predicated on the recognition of an imperative requirement for dental care that seamlessly blends excitement and comfort, transforming each patient visit into an enjoyable encounter.
Established in December 2016, Lakefront Family Dental offers a five-star dental experience in Burlington, ON. We approach dentistry from an entirely new perspective. Your comfort during your visit with us is our top priority. Our team’s mission is to improve our patients’ smiles – one at a time!
We offer a comprehensive range of services, including cosmetic dentistry, children’s dentistry, emergency dentistry, dental implants, smile makeover, root canals, extractions, Invisalign & much more.
Located in a charming, converted home built in 1945, our office offers Lake Ontario’s picturesque views from every treatment room. We use state-of-the-art equipment, and our caring team of professionals makes our dental clinic unique in our peaceful Burlington neighbourhood.
We have plenty of free parking, and we’re just steps away from public transportation.